Week 1: Mystery ScreeninG A

Hey all!

I hope everyone who saw Watchmen enjoyed it more than I did. =)

Anyway, tomorrow night is our first screening for the year – Mystery ScreeninG A season five, as many episodes as we can fit. For those who haven’t seen our season four screenings, I’ll attempt a brief recap. It’ll start at 5pm. Pizza run during the night.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to get a room booking – it’s looking like this may wind up being a last-second announcement (no thanks to CATS) but rest assured that the screening will certainly take place, even if I have to have it at my house. I will e-mail the location before SpockSoc starts, and for those who won’t be able to access their e-mail, I’ll put a sign up next to the second-hand textbooks noticeboard in the Quad.

See Update below for Room Details

Last year’s members, don’t forget to re-sign up at a screening. Your $5 membership fee is only good for one year, after all. =D

el presidente


Sorry it seems to disorganised – this will go much smoother next week, honest. We have a room – many thanks to the Gameplayers, who are lending us one of theirs. So this week we’ll be in Hut D10.

For those new to uni, welcome to the clever world of UNSW’s building numbers. See, they’re grid references. If you look at any UNSW map you’ll notice it’s divided into grid squares, with the numbers running west to east, starting from Anzac Parade, and the letters running south to north, starting from High Street. So if (for example) you find yourself outside the Red Centre, you’ll notice on the big blue sign that it has grid reference H13. To get to D10, then, you simply need to walk south-west, or towards Anzac Parade and High Street. For those who prefer landmarks, it’s near the Anzac Parade end of the big construction site on High Street, next door to the Io Myers theatre.

The room doors are on the Anzac Parade side of the building – we’ll have our banner outside.

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