Week 3: Buffy / Angel

Buffy the Vampire SlayerAs per suggestions at O-Week we’re making a change to the screening schedule. This week is now The Best of Buffy/Angel – Viewer’s Choice. Before this Thursday, interested people can e-mail me with the names of up to seven of their favourite episodes, and the seven with the most nominations will be shown at the screening this Friday. (Also, if someone has the DVDs, that would also be helpful.) If I don’t get any votes, then we’ll probably just wind up showing a bunch of random episodes…

As usual, SpockSoc starts at 5pm on Friday. This week we may actually get our booking and move to a room with a better sound system – we’ll keep you posted. We now have a location! For the remainder of the session, we’ll be in Goldstein G06. The Goldstein building is immediately North of the Quad, grid reference D16 – you’ll find a map on our website at Map

The door to the rooms is on the south-western side of the building – just go through the archway in the brick wall on the fourth side of the Quad, and it’s on your right.
Remember, it’s free for members, and there will be a pizza run during the night.

We’ll still be showing Torchwood (the originally-scheduled screening) but later in the session.

The ones in Bold are the must see ones. Particulaly Hush and Once more with Feeling.

Season 1 episode 7  Angel We find out Angel is a vampire.
Season 2 episode 3  School Hard      Spike and Drusilla are introduced.
Season 2 episode 6  Halloween All the costumes from a particular store turn people into the rolls they are playing for the night and people loss there memory of who they are.
Season 2 episode 16  Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.   Xander is dumped by Cordelia on Valentine’s day. Xander convinces a witch to put a spell on her. the spell backfires. Let the fun begin.
Season 3 episode 6  Bad candy Candy is sold by the school to raise funds. When adults eat it they regress to being teenagers.
Season 3 episode 9  The Wish Cordelia meets Anya.  Makes a wish which is ” I wish buffy had never come to sunnydale”. Bad mistake.
Season 3 episode 14 Bad Girls   Faith and Buffy go for a night out on the town.
Season 3 episode 16 Doppelgangland    Anya enlists Willow to get her powers back. Result, Two Willows one of whom is a vampire.
Season 3 episode  20  The Prom  All Buffy wants is a nice Prom free of problems. Not likely.
Season 4 episode  10 Hush Emey nominated. An absolute must see.
Season 5 episode  12  Checkpoint  The Watchers Council arrives in Sunnydale to review Buffy’s Slayer skills. If she fails they will not give her info regarding Glory.  Thats what they think.
Season 5 episode  22  The Gift  Season fainarly.  Buffy makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Season 6 episode  7  Once more with feeling.
Season 6 episode  8  Tabula Rasa  One of Willows spells back fire and everyone forgets who they are.
Season 6 episode 17  Buffy is in a hospital. Is the Hospital reality or is the last 5 1/2 years the reality?
Season 7 episode  22  Chosen   the Final episode of Buffy

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