Monsters vs Aliens @ FOX

Monsters vs AliensOn Tuesday the 7th, we’re going to see Monsters vs Aliens – I would have made plans earlier, but I’ve only just discovered there’s actually some interest, you see. In order to avoid the near-disaster that ocurred last time, which found everyone rushing to make it to the movie after an hour-long wait for dinner, and me standing outside the cinema after the movie had started with over a third of the tickets still in my hand, I’m gonna do it a little differently this time. Plus, it’s a little too last-second to be taking numbers.

Since the Ritz sees fit to only show it in 3D, which costs $15, we’re going to be seeing it at Hoyts Fox Studios instead, where the tickets are only $10. (Yeah, I know parking is more expensive at Fox than Eastgardens, but it has better access to public transport.) We’ll go to the 6pm screening, and have a late dinner afterwards if people are hungry. Rather than try to collect numbers, we’ll just meet outside the cinema at 5:30. People can buy their own tickets, and SpockSoc will reimburse $2 if people ask me and present their shiny membership card.

The next movie coming out is Wolverine, on April 29th. Tentative date to go and see that is Tuesday May 5th. More details to come.

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