Week 4: Torchwood & Caprica

This week, we’ve showing two things. Firstly, Torchwood: Children of Earth – the five-episode story which comprises the entirety of season three. As per usual for Torchwood, it’s dark and disturbing, but really quite good. As an extra bonus, it’s fancy-schmancy HD, unlike most other episodes we’ve been showing, but if you can tell the difference on the uni projection screen, then best of luck to you.

Secondly, the pilot for Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spinoff series. Essentially Caprica is to BSG as Torchwood is to Doctor Who, but without Captain Jack. A small warning, Caprica contains gratuitous. Just gratuitous. You name it, and Caprica has it, gratuitously.

I won’t be there, so Vice President James will be running the screening. Normal time, normal place – 5pm in Goldstein G06 – and pizza run as usual.

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