Week 1: Mystery Univrse

To all the new members, welcome to SpockSoc. To returning members, it’s good to see you again – but remember to pay your membership fee for this year if you haven’t done so already.

This Friday’s screening is Mystery Univrse – we’ll most likely be starting over from the start of the season (since channel ten’s dismal attempt only managed four episodes) though that’s up for discussion at the screening proper, and we’ll manage seven episodes before we run out of time. I’ll let you know which room later in the week (Quad G032) – we’re still jumping through the administrative hoops to actually get a room booked.

For those new to SpockSoc, the way screenings go is like this: the screenings start at about 5pm on Friday (entry is free for members). At about 7pm or so, I’ll pass around a piece of paper taking orders for dinner, which is pizza from Pizza Hut. Feel free to order whatever you want – we charge $5 per half pizza (though we may ask for a bit more if you rack up too many surcharges) and arrangements can be made if you want garlic bread or pasta. You also get one free can of drink per pizza-ordering person, or you can pay $1 to get one without pizza.

Over dinner, we’ll usually sit and discuss what we’re watching, what’s on TV at the time, or other interesting happenings that might be going on. After dinner, we then return to the screening. Screenings usually finish at around 11pm, at which point security come and toss us out.

In other news, we’re considering a Babylon 5 marathon on a Saturday within the next few weeks. Also, if you’re interested in going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie as a group with SpockSoc, then send me an e-mail – SpockSoc offers a $2 discount per ticket if you go with us.

UPDATE:  We have a room booking! For the first few weeks of session, we’ll be in Quad room G032. I’ll try to arrange for a map and some photos showing the way up on the website soonish (that’s http://www.spocksoc.com ) but it’s basically underneath where the sundial is in the Quad, through a set of glass doors on the Western side of the passageway. It’s opposite the main stairwell, so if you go through some glass doors and see stairs, you’re on the Eastern side – go the other way. =)
For those who have been at uni a while, it’s the room next door to where the second-hand bookshop used to be (in fact, the shop’s sign and opening hours are still on the wall outside). In any case, I’ll hang the SpockSoc banner in the window so you can see it – the same one that was hanging on the front of the stall at O-Week. Remember, we’re starting at 5pm tomorrow.

We’ll probably change rooms to something more comfortable and easy to find after week three or so – I’ll keep you posted.

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