Week 2: Defying Gravity

Last week’s screening was heaps of fun – we had maybe twenty-four people, or thereabouts. Probably the biggest crowd I’ve seen in a while, and I’m hoping that will continue. =D

This week, we’re showing Defying Gravity. This show takes place in the near future and focuses on the lives of eight astronauts from five different countries on a six-year mission through the solar system. The team is on a mysterious mission that is closely being followed by ground personnel. It strikes me as a
a spaceship, but we’ll see. It was reasonably well-received in America.

In any case, we’re still in Quad G032 this week – I’m hoping to move to a better room next week, but if not then certainly by week four. For those who didn’t see last week’s directions in pictures, here they are:


The screening starts at 5pm, pizza run at about 7pm – $5 per half pizza. It shouldn’t take quite so long for the pizza to be ready as it did last week. At least, it had better not…

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