Mid-Session: LotR Marathon

On Saturday, by popular demand, we’ll be having a Lord of the Rings marathon. It’s going to be in Quad G026, which is pretty much midway on the route between Rex Vowels and Quad G032. I’ll hang the banner outside – if you go to Quad G032 and look to the right, you should be able to see it. It’s the bright orange one that says “SpockSoc”. Anyway, we’re starting at 9am on Saturday – the movies are long, so even though we’ve booked the room out for fourteen hours, it’s going to be squishy once meals are factored in, so I’d like to start close to 9am.

As usual for marathons, I’ve specifically booked a room with movable furniture, so we can shove everything out of the way and lie on the floor or whatever. So bring a cushion, beanbag, mattress, couch, armchair… portable ball pit? Anything you want to lie, sit or otherwise make yourself comfortable on. We’ll sort out meals on the day – we’re pondering having one person get takeaway Chinese or similar for everyone, to streamline the process a bit.

Apologies for those who can’t make it – we took things into consideration, and decided that it was either this weekend, or we’d have to leave it until much later in the session, or even early next session. It’s something of a can’t-please-everyone situation.