Week 12: Warehouse 13 & Better Off Ted

Only two weeks of session left, aww. Anyway, based on suggestions and lack of enthusiasm in what we planned to show and what series we have left, I’ve decided on the screenings for this week and next week. This week, we’re showing the last four episodes of Warehouse 13 season one, and the last four episodes of Better Off Ted. Better Off Ted got cancelled last week, so these are the last four episodes ever (aww) but we’ll show the next season of Warehouse 13 next session. The screening starts at 5pm Friday in Rex Vowels as usual – pizza run at 7-ish.

Next week is the last week of session. We’ll be showing the last four episodes of Eureka season three, though I might show the fifth-last one for a bit of recap. Either way, we’re going to finish early that night, because the very next day, Saturday the 5th of June, we’ll be partnering up with the UNSW Anime society to marathon the whole of a Sci-Fi anime series. More details next week, but keep your diaries free, and come along to kick back and relax before Stuvac.

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