Week 1: Mystery Univrse

I hope you enjoyed your holidays, did well in your courses last session, and weren’t crippled too much by the NTEU. It’s back to uni for session two (already!) and we’ve got events every week like always. I’ve still not quite hammered out a full schedule, but I’ll have it done soon. Honest.

In any case, our first screening this session is Mystery Univrse, the last third of season one. We don’t have a room set for this one yet, thanks to all the administrative hoops that the uni makes us jump through, but rest assured it’ll be on this Friday starting from 5pm. Somewhere. I’ll let you know exactly where later in the week. Entry free for members as always, pizza run at 7-ish (as always).

And next Friday, we’ll be having our sort-of-annual trivia night! Yay! We’re holding in place of a screening this year in the hopes that more people will be able to make it. Come along and test your knowledge of Sci-Fi and Fantasy trivia against the rest of SpockSoc. It’s heaps of fun, and we’ve got heaps of prizes. It’ll be at 5pm next Friday (the 30th) upstairs in the Roundhouse – we’ll let you know the specific room next week. Entry is $5 for everyone, members and non-members alike – bring all of your friends. We’ll be having pizza for dinner like a normal screening.

Update:We have a room for this week’s Mystery Univrse screening: the Macauley theatre. It’s on level one in the Quad building, directly underneath the bell tower. For those still uncertain, I’ll hang our orange banner on the railing outside – if you stand on the Quad lawn and look around, you’ll be able to see it easily, and we’ll be directly behind it. Stairs are to the left and right (and in the lobby too, but that’s not immediately obvious) and there’s the lift way down near the chemist. The lawn, incidentally, is on level G. Level one is the floor above.

Remember, we start at 5pm, showing Mystery Univrse season one, episodes 14 to 20. Entry is free for members – membership is $5 for the year, or $2 for one screenings. We’ll be getting pizza for dinner at about 7pm – $5 per half pizza, plus a free can of soft drink.

Lastly, don’t forget the SpockSoc trivia night next week in the Roundhouse – exact room to be advised. Entry is $5 for all, so bring your friends. Lots of fun, lots of trivia, lots of prizes.

Update 2: A tentative Schedule for session 2 is up http://www.spocksoc.com/schedule/

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