Week 6: The Lost Room

With Joel and James both away this week we are going to rearrange the Schedule a bit, and you will all get to see how I handle responsibility :-).

We will be showing “The Lost Room”, starting as usual at 5pm with a Pizza run around 7.

The Lost Room is a Sci Fi mini series from the SyFy Channel, with many actors from other similar series (recognisable faces: Peter Krause, Ellie Fanning, Chris Bauer, Alice Grace and Dennis Christopher). The series follows a detective who is investigating the strange things that occur, it doesn’t take long to realise these strange happenings are initiating with the use of objects that have all come from the same place. A hotel room that doesn’t exist, well at least not in the usual way. The show is just three episodes (but each about 1.5hrs) so we will just be able to fit it into one screening. I personally really like this series so I highly recommend you all come and check it out!

Anyway, we’re in the Red Centre theatre G001 for the rest of session. It’s at the Western end of the Red Centre building (the end closest to Anzac Parade) – we’ll hang the SpockSoc banner on the wall where it can be seen from the main runway. Bring warm clothing – the air conditioning in that room consists of the air from outside coming in through the vents on one wall, and going out the vents on the other.

yours truly,
Caroline Plank.

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  1. The Lost Room also featured Juliana Marguiles who these days have been a Good Wife.

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