2011 President’s Welcome

Founded a little over one-hundred years ago, the University of New South Wales’ Science Fiction and Fantasy club was short lived, when the founders, a motley collection of scientists, occult figures and specialists in the weird realised that science fiction was not, at that time wide spread enough to really form a club around and that the university did not yet exist. Undeterred, these brave pioneers built a time machine and got ready to travel into the future to see what the club would be like then. Reasoning, perhaps optimistically, that there would be a place for science fiction and fantasy in any place of higher learning that was worth a damn, they set off into the great unknown that is time and space…

Sadly their attempt failed, and while we may never know for sure what happened to these brave men and women who dared to dream, we do know that we cannot let their sacrifice be in vain. For it was only recently that their notes and plans we’re rediscovered, leading to the creation of SpockSoc, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club.

In this emporium of delights and wonders, we attempt to capture the magic that drove our distant forbears to meddle with things that man would have done better to have left untouched. We watch shows that may not yet be available on these antipodean shores, or indeed available anywhere in space and time.  We watch them in the presence of some truly remarkable (and occasianly terrifying, it must be admitted) people, who enjoy science fiction and fantasy as much as you yourself surely do.

To take part in this, all you have to do is sign up, at the cost of five dollars for a whole year, you must agree that this is quite a bargain.

Then, every Friday you come along to a lecture theatre put aside for our needs, where you can watch TV shows and movies, enjoy pizza taken out, at five dollars a half and a drink for free! You can chat and meet new people who share your likes (and possibly dislikes) and generally have a fun time.


Movies and TV shows that we plan to show are laid out in our schedule, but we welcome any suggestions that you might have, and we’d love to see you at our stall signing up (the members there are the ones who don’t bite, so don’t be afraid!)

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you at any one of our sessions,

Jamie Heron
President of SpockSoc, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club