Week 1: No Ordinary Family

Thanks to all the new and returning members for signing up during O-Week, I’m hoping that you’re looking forward to our first session this Friday and I apologise for leaving this e-mail so late, it took a while to get confirmation of a room booking, but here we are.
This Friday we’ll be show No Ordinary Family a superhero-comedy-drama (according to Wikipedia) that has Michael Chiklis (the Thing from The Fantastic Four movies) in it. We’ll be starting at 5PM in the Red Centre Theatre, which is not exactly in the Red Centre itself, but just tucked away under the outside corridor at the end closest to Anzac Parade. This link has a PDF map you can open to see where the theatre is; it’s the yellow box at the end of the Red Centre (or Faculty of Built Environment) We’ll go on until 11PM, with a pizza run taking place at 7PM, it;ll be good to see as many people as can make it,

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