Break: Neverland

This week’s regular screening – and we’re still on, even though it’s a break – is a collection of miniseries and specials. We’ll decide the exact order (probably by vote or else at random) on the night, but in no particular order:

  • Neverland – a new re-imagining and prequel (pre-imagining?) for the story of Peter Pan, starring Rhys Ifans and Charlie Rowe.
  • The Borrowers – a new version which aired in England last Christmas, starring Stephen Fry and Christopher Eccleston.
  • Three Inches – after getting struck by lightning, Walter Spackman discovers he’s developed an amazing superpower: he can move objects, using only the power of his mind… up to a distance of three inches. Stars Noah Reid and James Marsters.

As usual, we’re on from 5pm Friday in ChemSci M18. It’s going to be another jam-packed screening, so we want to start as close to five as we can manage. Pizza run as normal.

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One thought on “Break: Neverland”

  1. Coincidentally Chris Eccleston will be on ABC1 tonight in The Shadow Line.

    If it weren’t for Alphas, Three Inches could have become a series and coincidentally the Alphas season 1 finale is on tonight on Sci Fi.

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