Week 8: Misfits

I’m making a change from the published schedule this week – you’ll find this tends to happen on a semi-regular basis. This week, we’re showing Misfits, season three.

Misfits follows five early-20s delinquents on community service in Wertham (a fictional borough in London) who are caught outside during a supernatural thunder storm and who acquire special powers. Initially, the show focused on five young adults. Kelly (Lauren Socha) gains the ability to hear the thoughts of others, Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) can rewind time after experiencing an immense sense of regret, Alisha (Antonia Thomas) sends people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin, Simon (Iwan Rheon) can become invisible, and Nathan (Robert Sheehan) is immortal.

At the end of the previous season, however, they all traded in their powers for money, then purchased new powers. We still haven’t seen what those new powers are yet.

5pm in ChemSci M18 as usual.

Lastly, a quick reminder: the Ritz still has tickets available for the Avengers midnight premiere this Wednesday morning, if anyone is interested, but the official SpockSoc outing won’t be until next week.

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