Stuvac Movie: MiB 3

Just a few weeks of exams left until it’s holiday time. But before the exams start, SpockSoc will be going to see Men in Black III at the Randwick Ritz – mostly just because we forgot to arrange an outing for it last week. Silly us. Anyway, we’ll be going to the 6:30pm 2D screening on Wednesday (the 6th) – so meet in the lobby up at sixish or so – with dinner afterwards. Take a break from study and come have some fun. Remember, Arc membership gets you an $8 ticket, and SpockSoc membership is worth a $2 reimbursement for those who ask.

We might also be having some other screenings or outings during the holidays – the announcements will be appearing on our Facebook page and our website ( rather than the mailing list, so keep an eye out. We’re also busily working on a screening schedule for next session…

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