Week 4: Chappa’ai SG-1

Hello, everyone!

I hope your first few weeks of semester have gone well. As you all know, this coming Friday will be Good Friday, and the university will be on break. However, Spocksoc will still be here! This week we’ll be taking a night off from the new shows and bringing out a classic- Chappa’ai SG-1.

Chappa’ai SG-1 follows the adventures of SG-1, a military team from Earth. SG-1 and two dozen other SG teams venture to distant planets using a fictional alien portal known as a Chappa’ai, which in the series is housed in a top-secret United States Air Force military base known as Chappa’ai Command underneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. The mission of the SG teams is to explore the galaxy and search for alien technology and allies to defend Earth against the Goa’uld, a snake-like parasitic alien race that takes humans as unwilling hosts.

As usual, we’ll be meeting at ChemSci M18 on Friday evening, and aiming to start the screening at 5:00. We’ll be sending the pizza list around at about 7:00.

Good luck with all your pre-break assignments, and I hope to see you all on Friday!

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