Week 1: Continuum

ContinuumWelcome to all our new members! Welcome back to all our old members! The semester is starting up again, which means more SpockSoc!

The big news for this semester is that SpockSoc has a new home! This semester, we’ll be based out of the Macauley Theatre. Macauley is Room 1027 in the university Quadrangle (Building E15 on campus maps). The theatre itself is on level 1, right under the clocktower. There’s a sign on the balcony pointing to the way in.

The following is our current screening schedule:

Week 1: Continuum
Week 2: Game of Thrones
Week 3: Once Upon A Time
Week 4: Defiance
Week 5: Arrow
Week 6: Lost Girl
Week 7: Revolution
Week 8: Haven
Week 9: Warehouse 13
Mid-semester Break: Primeval: New World
Week 10: Trivia Night/AGM
Week 11: Arrow Finale + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Week 12:  Continuum, Part 2
Week 13: Grimm

We’ll be starting off our screenings this semester with the beginning of Season Two of Continuum. For those of you who haven’t seen it before:

When a group of rebels convicted as terrorists escapes execution by fleeing from the year 2077 to 2012, Kiera Cameron, a future Vancouver law enforcement officer, is involuntarily transported with them. In order to track them down and keep them from changing the past (and presumably future), Kiera joins the Vancouver Police Department and uses the skills of a young tech expert, Alec Sadler.

We’ll be meeting at Macauley Theatre at 5:00 this coming Friday, and going on a pizza run about 7:00. Halves are $5, full pizzas are $10, with a can of soft drink thrown in for free.

Last but not least, for the new people, SpockSoc has a Facebook group!
That’s enough for now- future emails will be shorter, I promise. Have a great semester, and I hope to see you all at the screening!

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