Summer Screening 12 – Young Justice Season 1 Part 2

Hi everyone,

With only one week left until the semester begins, we’re making a heroic effort to avoid thinking about classes (and O-Week prep…) with this week’s screening!


For our final summer screening, we’re returning to the animated DC-verse for a second serving of Young Justice! When last we left our teenaged super-team, they’d survived encounters with everyone from the Joker to Sportsmaster, and are well on their way to an encounter with Big Bad organisation The Light.

Will the teens put aside their personal issues in time to defeat evil? What exactly is Artemis’ secret? Exactly how long is Superman going to avoid interacting with Connor? And will Robin ever managed to make “whelmed” happen?

The answers to all these questions and more might be answered in Friday’s screening, where we will be finishing off season one of Young Justice, starting from episode fifteen. As always (and for the last time before we transfer to Rupert Myers for our semester one screenings), we’ll be starting around 5ish in the Macauley Theatre, aka Quad 1027. Add the facebook event to your calendar here!

What else is on?

Black Panther is almost upon us! Our official outing will fall during O-Week next Tuesday ($8 student tickets! Tell your friends!), but if you cannot contain your excitement, the Ritz is running a special preview screening on Wednesday! More info on that can be found here, and the facebook event for our Tuesday outing is here.

After our Black Panther screening, we’ll be switching our regular movie night to Mondays to take advantage of the Ritz’ $6 Student Mondays promotion. Adjust your calendars accordingly!

The votes are in: our March selection for Book Club is The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss! Check out the facebook event for info about the book and a list of places you can buy it!

As always, keep an eye on our events page on facebook for the most up-to-date information about upcoming screenings and other events!

We look forward to seeing you this week,

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