Monsters vs Aliens @ FOX

Monsters vs AliensOn Tuesday the 7th, we’re going to see Monsters vs Aliens – I would have made plans earlier, but I’ve only just discovered there’s actually some interest, you see. In order to avoid the near-disaster that ocurred last time, which found everyone rushing to make it to the movie after an hour-long wait for dinner, and me standing outside the cinema after the movie had started with over a third of the tickets still in my hand, I’m gonna do it a little differently this time. Plus, it’s a little too last-second to be taking numbers.

Since the Ritz sees fit to only show it in 3D, which costs $15, we’re going to be seeing it at Hoyts Fox Studios instead, where the tickets are only $10. (Yeah, I know parking is more expensive at Fox than Eastgardens, but it has better access to public transport.) We’ll go to the 6pm screening, and have a late dinner afterwards if people are hungry. Rather than try to collect numbers, we’ll just meet outside the cinema at 5:30. People can buy their own tickets, and SpockSoc will reimburse $2 if people ask me and present their shiny membership card.

The next movie coming out is Wolverine, on April 29th. Tentative date to go and see that is Tuesday May 5th. More details to come.

SpockSoc-hosted Charity Screening

Fanderson Poster
Fanderson Poster

Calling for Your Support:

“Off The Street Kids” in an impromtue Fanderson- charity event

What: Watching 2 Gillian Anderson films [How to lose friends and alienate people, the second film yet to be decided] + some x-files episodes
Where: Keith Burrows Theatre, Old Main Building, UNSW Kensington Campus
time: 1pm – 5ish pm
date: 4th april Saturday
Cost:$15 [100% of which goes to “Off The Street Kids”
Contact : Rita Ann Muscat (facebook)

What is Off The Street Kids: a new charity supporting young people in South Africa

Off The Street Kids seeks to respond to the needs of marginalized youth in South Africa at the age of 18 when State funding ceases. Many of these young people are former street children who return to the streets because they have neither the skills to support themselves nor a home to return to. Our objective is to help them find training, further education and long term employment to prevent them from having to return to the streets.

A great event to meet other X-files fans and support others less fortunate than us.


Watchmen @ RITZ

Watchmen Poster
Watchmen Poster

O-Week is over, and session one is due to start. And what better way to kick things off than with a trip to the movies? Watchmen is coming out next week, and SpockSoc is going to arrange a trip to go and see it at the 9:15pm screening on Tuesday the 10th of March. Members will be able to get tickets for $5 each. Bargain!

The movie is three hours long, so if this is going to be a problem, then let me know. We’re going to meet up outside the cinema at 7:30 so we can go and have some dinner somewhere nearby if people so desire, then again at 9:00 so we can go in as a group, and so I can hand out tickets and collect money.

Currently I’ve got seventeen people coming. Remember: if you want to come, let me know before Sunday. It’s fine to bring friends and/or family too – just let me know the numbers.  (Send me an e-mail – select President from list.) Please RSVP by Sunday the 8th at the absolute latest.

For those who are new the area, here’s a map to the Ritz:

If that doesn’t work properly, the address is 39 St Paul’s Street, Randwick. That’s a block and a bit east of the Prince of Wales Hospital, which is itself just east of the uni. If you’re at uni already, your best bet is to walk up High Street until you hit Avoca, then angle right onto Belmore Road, and at the next right, angle further right onto Perouse Road. St Paul’s is left at the roundabout. You can also go up Barker Street (if you happen to be starting on that side of the campus) then left onto Perouse Road when you run out of Barker, then right at the next roundabout.

If you’re catching the bus from elsewhere, the 372, 373, 376, 314 and 315 routes all stop just around the corner. The 370 stops a little further away, but it doesn’t run after about 7pm or so. Parking is… limited, unless you know the sneaky tricks, or park about three or four blocks away.
As for screenings, based on comments and suggestions during O-Week, we’re making a couple of changes to the schedule, but we’ll definitely be starting in Week 1 with Mystery ScreeninG Atlantis season five. For those who missed it when we showed season four, I’ll give a brief recap at the screening. We’re still not sure which room we’ll be in, but rest assured we’ll definitely have a room by then, and I’ll let you know where it is closer to the date.

For those new to SpockSoc, all screenings are free for members. During the night, you’ll be able to order pizza – any type you like, within reason – and someone (usually me) will go up to Pizza Hut and get them. Pizza costs $5 per half, and you also get a can of drink.

Keep an eye here for the latest details. You can also find information on our website:

We also have a Yahoo! Groups mailing list, for discussion and the latest news in the word of Sci-Fi and Fantasy from our Chief of Staff. You’ll find that at:

As well as a Facebook group for finding other members, SpockSoc Group

Hope to see you at the screenings!

el presidente

The Day the Earth Stood Still


Some Spocksoc members will be going to see The Day the Earth Stood Still at the Ritz cinema on Wednesday 7th of January.

It’s been decided we’ll go and see the movie at 9:30pm at the Ritz tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th). Considering the short notice, I’m not going to try to collect numbers before the event, so just turn up and get your own ticket when you arrive. I’m going to try loitering in the lobby outside cinema 1 from about quarter past, so we can gather there. If you come and find me, SpockSoc will give you a $2 reimbursement on your ticket as part of our membership benefits.

Hope to see you there!

el presidente

Any members are welcome to join the group.

What: Movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Where: Ritz Cinema Randwick
When: Movie starts at 9:30pm meet up around 9:00-9:15pm
Cost: Tickets can be purchased from Box Office, Adult $11.00, Student $9.50