Mid-Session: Doctor Who & Torchwood

Yep, it’s mid-session break. Well, slightly-before-mid-session break, really. But you didn’t think SpockSoc took a break too, did you? Nooo.

This week, we’ll be showing the Easter Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead, followed by the second half of Torchwood season two. We’ll be picking up from where we left off at the last screening, but I don’t think you’ve missed too much by way of important plot points if you want to come anyway.

We start at 5pm in Goldstein G06, as ever. Since Doctor Who is slightly longer than normal, we might get a bit squished for time, so we’ll be starting as close to five as possible, so don’t be late. $5 per half pizza, with a free can of drink.

Hope to see you there,
el presidente

P.S. Keep sending me those Star Trek expressions of interest, and whether you think you can do a midnight screening. There’s only three weeks left until opening day. I’ll decide which screening we’ll be attending next week, and start collecting firm ticket numbers then.


I hope you all enjoyed your mid-session breaks, and the screening during the break.

This week at SpockSoc: Torchwood season two. Come see the second season of the Doctor Who spinoff. Even if you were disappointed by the first season, come along anyway – it got less stupid by the tenth episode or so, honest. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the end of the first season – I’ll attempt to give a brief recap before we start.

As usual, we’re on from 5pm in Goldstein G06 – entry is free for members, $2 otherwise. Pizza run during the night.