Week 5: Day of the Triffids

This week we’ll be showing the Day of the Triffids miniseries, made in 2009 – we’d meant to show it last session, but due to a miscalculation on my part, we didn’t get to see it. Following this, we’ll most likely show the movie Wall-E – I’d intended to show Futurama, but since we’ve wound up moving it earlier in the session, I won’t have enough episodes to show. I’ll bring what I have anyway and leave the choice up to the people there – James and I will be leaving early, as we’re off to Japan at 5am on Saturday. =D

Anyway, we’re in the Red Centre theatre G001 for the rest of session. It’s at the Western end of the Red Centre building (the end closest to Anzac Parade) – we’ll hang the SpockSoc banner on the wall where it can be seen from the main runway. Bring warm clothing – the air conditioning in that room consists of the air from outside coming in through the vents on one wall, and going out the vents on the other.

Starting at 5pm, pizza run at 7-ish.

Week 3: Going Postal

The trivia night last week went well – much enjoyment was had by all. This week, we’re showing Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal, a new miniseries made by the same people who did Hogfather and the Colour of Magic, which we showed in sessions past. Then to fill the rest of the night, we’ll be showing four or five brand new episodes of Futurama, the new season which is currently being made in America.

We’re still in Macauley Theatre this week, starting from 5pm – remember, it’s on level one of the Quad building, directly under the bell tower. Pizza run at 7-ish. Entry is free for members – membership $5 at the door.