Week 13: Legend of the Seeker

Last week of session, aww. Also my last week as SpockSoc President. Our AGM went off without a hitch, and as soon as I get the paperwork sorted and handed in, we’ll be all re-affilitated for next year. Our new president is James Heron, and our new treasurer is Kristian. Caroline is remaining as secretary, and James Rudd is remaining as VP/Webmaster. I’ll still be lurking around in the background as Immediate Past President, though – I’m not expecting James to leap into my shoes in one go. =)

This week, we’ll be finishing off Legend of the Seeker, the second (and final) season. Our hero Richard Cypher searches for the Stone of Tears so that he can seal the veil to the Underworld and prevent the Keeper from destroying all life, but things are looking grim. The location of the Stone is long-lost to living memories, and to make matters worse, prophecies from the Creator foretell doom and gloom should the Seeker ever actually find the Stone. Could this be the end of the line for Richard?

Come along to find out. 5pm Friday in Red Centre G001.

Lastly, we’re always on the lookout for suggestions to make SpockSoc better. I’ve never actually seen more than maybe a third of our members at any screening, and I’d like to know how we can attract more people. Are we just not on at a good time? Was sitting in a room watching TV series not quite what you had in mind when you joined the club? Drop me an e-mail. Suggestions for possible summer screenings also welcome.

Otherwise, see you at our O-Week stall next year?

el presidente

Week 12: First Eps

Last week of session. I know everyone’s got exams coming up, but come to SpockSoc for one last break before exams start.

First off, thanks to those who turned up for the AGM – we just managed to scrape through with fifteen members. And congrats to Caroline, who’s joining the Exec as the new secretary and ARC delegate. The Exec for 2010 are as follows:

President  – Joel
Vice President & Webmaster – James
Secretary & Arc Delegate – Caroline
Treasurer & Publicist – Erin
Immediate Past President – Kate
Chief of Staff – Matt

Secondly, we’re going to end out the session by starting a whole bunch of series – this week we’re having a pilot episodes screening. Basically, we’re going to screen the first episodes of a whole bunch of Sci-Fi and Fantasy series that have started in America within the last few months, to see what series people like, in order to have full screenings next year.

We won’t have time to get through all of these at the screening, but the list of pilot episodes include Better Off Ted, Defying Gravity, Eastwick, Eleventh Hour, The Vampire Diaries, Virtuality, Warehouse 13, and the big one you’ve all been waiting for – Strgte Universe.

Starting at 5pm as ever in Goldstein G06.