Week 9: Paradox

This week at SpockSoc: Paradox. Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint must prevent a major accident from occurring. Her only clues are photos that somehow arrive from eighteen hours in the future, after the accident has already happened. It’s another British series – five hour-long episodes, so we’ll be able to see the whole thing in the one screening. Starting at 5pm in Rex Vowels – pizza run at 7-ish like usual.

In other news, due to availability and things airing on TV, we’ve made some changes to our screenings in weeks 10, 11 and 13. Week 10 is now Primeval and Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. Week 11 is Mystery Screening Univrse, the second third of the first season. Week 13 is yet to be decided. I’ll give more details in the e-mails of the week, but keep your diaries free if those series interest you.

Last but not least: if I were to have a marathon screening on the Saturday following week thirteen, who’d be interested in coming? Would it make for a good break before stuvac starts, or will people be too worried about exams already? Fill in Poll to the right to let me know your opinion. I want to hear it, honest. =)

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