Movie: Iron Man 2

IronMan 2 PosterSpockSoc will be going to see Iron Man 2 this week at the Randwick Ritz – the movie starts at 7pm on Wednesday. Ordinarily for a popular movie I’d arrange tickets ahead of time, but Iron Man’s opening caught me by surprise. We’ll meet up inside the lobby in front of the doors to cinema one, starting from 6:30pm – I won’t wait after the movie starts, so be there on time. =)

As part of the fancy SpockSoc membership perks, I’ll reimburse $2 to anyone who presents their membership card – for those who might not recognise me, I’ll have the orange vinyl SpockSoc banner on me. If people are interested, we’ll go out to dinner as a group afterwards. I can’t manage before, because I’ve got class until 6.

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One thought on “Movie: Iron Man 2”

  1. Don’t walk away when the end credits comes up as there is a extra scene after it.

    Without sounding spoilery it has something to do with a dialogue during the bulk of the movie and it is a lead-up to something.

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