Week 8: Sanctuary

Hope you’re enjoying  the Anzac Day long weekend. This week at SpockSoc we’re showing Sanctuary, the first half of season two. The series stars Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter in Stargate) as Doctor Helen Magnus, a woman who became immortal as a result of experiments with vampire blood. Now, she runs a sanctuary for all sorts of creatures who need her help – werewolves, lizard men, creepy worm-paratise things from Chernobyl. Et cetera.

I’ll attempt a brief recap of the events of season one before we start, so come along even if you weren’t at our screenings last year – it’s a great series. Starting at 5pm in Rex Vowels.

On a side note, for those who were at our Misfits screening last week but left immediately, the next season is being either filmed or broadcast (not sure which) in England in May so with any luck we’ll be showing it early next session. Watch this space.