Week 8: First Episodes

This week at SpockSoc we’re doing a First Episodes Screening. The way this works is we’ll show the first episodes of about five or six brand new series. If I remember to print them out ahead of time, I’ll hand out a slip you can use to rate each series. The one (and maybe two) that rates best will be shown at a later screening.

Past first episode screenings have brought us gems like Eureka and Better Off Ted – though it’s also a bit of a mixed bag, as we’ve also had Aquaman and Blade the Series, which we didn’t even make it through the episode before people got tired of it.

Starting at 5pm in Red Centre G001 like usual. Pizza run at 7-ish.

Also, consider this official announcement of our Annual General Meeting, coming up in either week nine or ten. (Some confusion ensued when I called it out last week – I said “nine” but people heard “ten” – so I’ll have a firm date as soon as that gets sorted.) We need to have at least fifteen people there for quorum, but all exec positions are up for re-election – we’ll only be accepting nominations of people who are there.

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