Week 4: Once Upon a Time

To celebrate free-to-air television finally managing to catch us up on a series, we’re going to regain our lead. =D So this week at SpockSoc, we’re showing Once Upon a Time, the last third of season one. There’s eight episodes to go, though, which means we’ll be a bit pressed for time, so we’ll be starting as close to 5pm as we can manage – try not to be late. =)

5pm this Friday, pizza run at 7-ish. With the latest upgrades to the A/V system in ChemSci M18, the room is less ideal for our purposes than it used to be, so we’re hoping maybe we can change, but unless I indicate otherwise, that’s where we’ll be this week too.

You don’t need the blurb from me, yes? You’ve heard it before. =)

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