Week 5: Continuum

This week at SpockSoc, we’re showing a new Canadian series called Continuum. I haven’t actually seen any of it, and I don’t know how well it was received, so it’s gonna be a bit of an experiment – come along and see how you like it. It stars Rachel Nichols, who (among other things) was Scarlett O’Hara in G.I. Joe, and Gaila (the Orion girl) in the latest Star Trek. Other names people might recognise include Lexa Doig, Tony Amendola and Jennifer Spence, Mike Dopud and William B. Davis.

When a group of rebels convicted as terrorists escapes execution by fleeing from the year 2077 to 2012, Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a future Vancouver law enforcement officer, is involuntarily transported with them. In order to track them down and keep them from changing the past (and presumably future), Kiera joins the Vancouver Police Department and uses the skills of a young tech expert, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen).

Screening starts at 5pm this Friday. We’ve decided to stay in ChemSci M18, because the other options are either the same or worse – though on the plus side, we’ve worked out how to use the whole projection screen. Yay. Pizza run at 7-ish.

In other news, our annual trivia night is coming up soon, on a Friday night somewhere around the middle of the session – which week specifically will need to be confirmed. That doesn’t mean you can’t start to get ready for it, though. For a $5 entry fee, everyone’s invited – SpockSoc members and non-members alike – so assemble a team of friends and sweep through the competition. =) Our AGM will also be on the same night, and we need to get enough people along so that it counts, which in turn means we’ll be able to keep existing. =D

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