Week 9: Lost Girl and AGM

This week at SpockSoc, we’re going to show six of the remaining eight episodes of Lost Girl season two.

With the world of Fae in chaos following Bo’s explosive reunion with her mother, Bo must learn to “play the game” and navigate the inner workings of the Fae World in order to protect those who have helped to protect her. Bo finds her resolve to stay free challenged, and is forced to question her own morals and beliefs. While Bo grows stronger and learns more about who she really is, relationships will be tested and passions will ignite, but answers will not come easily.

Rest assured, however: we won’t be twiddling our thumbs for the remaining time – we’re also having our AGM! Woo! It’s absolutely, critically, vitally important for the future of the club that we get enough people attending the AGM so that we can hold democratic elections for next year’s exec. It’s not really possible to over-stress this point. We need people to come. Trying not to sound too desperate, but that’s how it is. =P

The screening starts at 5pm this Friday in ChemSci M18, our usual screening room. We’re aiming to start the AGM at around 7:30, over our usual pizza dinner – $5 per half pizza, other menu items possible. Even if you’re only able to attend the AGM and can’t stay for the screening, that’ll be enough.

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