Summer Screenings – Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy-Hollow-TV-Show-InfoAs we mighty heroes fight the fourth horseman of the semester (exams), the time is nigh to return to the cursed land of Sleepy Hollow

In the middle of the American Revolutionary War, Ichabod Crane is assigned a secret mission which ends as he beheads the Hessian soldier, the Headless Horseman, even as the horseman kills Crane. Over two hundred years later, the Headless Horseman is raised from his grave by an unknown party. However, with their fates so interwoven, the resurrection of the horseman causes Ichabod Crane to return to life. After the horseman beheads her friend and mentor, Lt Abbie Mills must team up with the old soldier to stop the Headless Horseman.

As always, we will start at 5pm in Macaulay and do a pizza run at 7pm.

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Ben Koschnick

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