Study Break – Constantine

ConstantineThe end of days are upon us! Darkness and fear consume all as ancient daemons arise. Enough about my exam study, this week Spocksoc will be showing Constantine

John Constantine, a demon hunter and petty dabbler of the occult, must struggle with his past sins while protecting the innocent from the supernatural threats that constantly break through to our world due to the “Rising Darkness”. Constantine uses his skills and a supernatural scry map to journey across the nation and send these terrors back to their own world, all for the hope of redeeming his soul from eternal torment.

As always, we’ll be meeting in Macauley Theatre at 5 pm, with a Pizza Run at 7 pm. Spocksoc does not claim responsibility for any accidental demonic possessions that may or may not occur at our screenings

Until Then
Benjamin Koschnick

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