Week 4 – The Flash

The FlashRace on down to Spocksoc as we wrap up the fastest first half of a semester with the fastest man alive: the Flash

Barry Allen is struck by lightning the same night as Central City’s particle accelerator malfunctions. When he wakes up after nine months in a coma, he discovers he has the ability to move at superhuman speed. Working with the disgraced scientists at Star Labs, Barry apprehends other ‘metahumans’, and protects the residents of Central City. As always, we will be starting in Macaulay Theatre at 5pm and having dinner at 7pm

Don’t forget, tonight is our movie outing for Zootopia at the Ritz Cinema. All animals live together in the city of Zootopia, but when Officer Judy Hopps arrives as the first bunny on the police force, she doesn’t fit the way she thought she would. In order to prove herself she tries to track down fox Nick Wilde, who has to go on the run after being framed for a crime that he did not commit. Both Judy and Nick find themselves at the center of a conspiracy and they must work together in order to get to the bottom of their problems. We will be going to the 6:50 screening and having dinner afterwards

And finally, but certainly not least, is our Midnight Screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Wednesday 23rd. When some begin to fear Superman because of his great power, Gotham City’s vigilante, Batman, decides to take on Metropolis’s superhero. However, the infighting leaves the world exposed to a new threat that puts mankind in greater danger than anyone could have possibly imagined. If you can’t make it to our midnight screening, we have another screening on Tuesday 29th. Check the Facebook event below to get updates on screening times as they come

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