Semester 2, Mid-Sem Break – The Expanse S1 & The Shannara Chronicles S1

The ExpanseHi everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying a well-earned break from the daily grind of classes (or frantically studying for looming exams, whatever floats your boat) this week. We’re taking a break too – from superhero TV, that is! Yes, our regular Friday screening will be going ahead as usual, and after a solid month of watching spandex-clad people punch things and angst a lot*, we figured it was high time to wander over to another subgenre – or even two.

This Friday we’ve got an exciting double-bill as we wrap up a couple of short-form shows from the Syfy channel. First up, a jaunt into the science fictional as we travel from Earth to the asteroid belt in The Expanse! Then after dinner, we’ll be flipping over to the fantasy side of the spectrum to trek through the elf-infested wilderness of post-apocalyptic Earth in The Shannara Chronicles.

We’ll be tackling episodes 8-10 of each show. If you need to catch up with all the fun shenanigans on Ceres and beyond, a recap of The Expanse is here:
For a summary of Will Ohmsford’s adventures in Shannara so far, click here:
As per usual, we’ll be kicking off at about 5pm in the Macauley Theatre, with a pizza run for dinner around 7ish.

*For those of you who are only interested in spandex-clad people punching things and angsting a lot, never fear – superhero-based coverage returns in two weeks!

In other news, I can now announce that the AGM and Trivia night will be taking place the Friday of Week 10 – 7th October – from 5pm onward. We’ll be in Colombo LG02, which I believe is next door to the Goldstein building. Once again, I’d like to remind everyone that the AGM is an incredibly important part of our reaffiliation process with Arc, and if it doesn’t happen we don’t have a club anymore. If you only come to one Spocksoc event this year, make it this one!

It’s a great opportunity to sit down face-to-face with the exec and regulars and help us make decisions about the future direction of Spocksoc. We’ll also be electing a new exec, so if you want to have a say in who runs the club – or want to run for an exec position yourself – you should definitely come along!

Following the AGM (which should run for about an hour or so, depending on the length of the agenda) is the Trivia Night, where the best and brightest of Spocksoc compete in a no-holds-barred, bare-knuckle struggle to prove the depths of their geeky knowledge and win some fabulous prizes! There’s generally a lot of excited shouting and at least one ridiculous party game, and I can guarantee a good time will be had by all.

The Ritz’ Sci-Fi Film Festival is also approaching quickly, and we’d advise you to grab your tickets sooner rather than later. We’re big fans of the Ritz here at Spocksoc, and it’s really great to see a local cinema supporting geeky interests like this, so it’s only fair that we support them right back! More details which nights Spocksoc will be running official outings on are still forthcoming, but for now the relevant information can be found here:

Anyway, I think that’s more than enough blather from me for one week, so we hope to see you all on Friday!


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