Week 7 – Daredevil Season 2

DareDevilHi everyone,

Life can be funny, can’t it? One minute you’re balancing your double life as a successful lawyer and badass vigilante, the next there’s a dozen ninjas on your tail and it seems like Friday will never show up.

Nope, wait. That’s not us, that’s human disaster Matt Murdock, the subject of this week’s screening – Daredevil!

That’s right: if last week’s foray into the Netflix end of the MCU pool wasn’t enough, we’re diving right back in to find out what happens next to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, starting from episode seven of the second season. Elektra’s back in town, the Punisher’s going to trial and about five separate groups of people want Matt dead. Won’t this be fun?

If you need a recap on the story so far (and a reminder that Foggy Nelson deserves better), you can find one here:

As per usual, we’ll be kicking off at about 5pm in the Macauley Theatre, with a pizza run for dinner around 7ish.

Thanks to everyone who showed up on Friday to support the bake sale – it was a resounding success! Make sure to keep an eye on our facebook page for more events in the coming weeks!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

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