Week 5 – Book Club & Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

Hi everyone,

Wow, five weeks in already! I hope you’ve all had a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had this weekend, in between all the work and study.

This week, we’re going to read some books and fuck with the space-time continuum! Also I’m super-tired and forgot I’d run out of email buffer, so this email might be less of a novel than usual. Benefits!


Yes, you’ve heard me talk about it for a solid two months, and now the day has finally arrived! The first meeting of the Spocksoc book club will take place on Wednesday – so if you haven’t finished the book you’ve got two days left.

(ok, more like one by the time this email goes out)

This month’s book is Sabriel by Garth Nix, a fun epic fantasy adventure with a touch of horror. We’ll be kicking off proceedings at 6pm in the Rupert Myers theatre – you can find the location on the map below:

Please feel free to swing by even if you haven’t finished the book. Check out our facebook event for more details, including how we’ll be selecting next month’s book!




On Friday, [something something space-time continuum something] with the fourth and final of our Merry Month of Arrowverse screenings: Legends of Tomorrow!

When last we left our time-travelling heroes, they’d somehow managed to defeat the Totally-Not-Time-Lords thanks in part to a heroic sacrifice by Captain Cold. We have yet to see if the team can survive without his effortless charisma. We also said a not-entirely-regretful goodbye to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who having destroyed Vandal Savage, left the team to search for some better written storylines. Godspeed!
Now, the remnants of the team must confront a new player, who claims to have come back from their future to get his parents to hook up prevent their deaths. If you need a recap, one can be found here.

We’ll be starting from the beginning of season 2 and watching about seven episodes. As usual, we’ll start around 5pm at the Macauley Theatre and have a dinner break around 7pm. You find more information on facebook.

What else is on?

We’re back at the movies tomorrow night for Disney’s latest live-action endeavor: Beauty and the Beast! Meet us at the Ritz at 6pm for a night of music and creepy CGI furniture – more details on facebook here.

Finally, the deadline to sign up for the Japan trip is this week! If you haven’t already, drop our trip leaders James and Joel a line at Japan@spocksoc.org and make sure you come to the meeting next week – details here.

We look forward to seeing you this week!



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