Semester 1, Week 4 – Tomb Raider + GEEK Trivia + Star Trek Discovery Season One Part Two

Hi everyone,

This week, we’re going to revisit the Tomb Raider franchise, prove our worth at interclub Trivia and *drumroll* actually watch some Star Trek, how crazy is that.


This Friday, we’re living up to our club name and checking back in with the crew of Star Trek Discovery! Set ten years before the events of the original 60s Star Trek series, over the first eight episodes Discovery has followed the adventures of disgraced Starfleet officer Michael Burnham as she searches for redemption in the middle of a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

When last we left our heroes they were staring down the barrel of the Klingon Ship of the Dead, which they’d kinda sorta accidentally summoned via the power of the impending mid-season finale. Will Discovery’s mushroom-powered warp drive keep it out of trouble? Will we ever see those amazing DISCO shirts again? Will they actually manage to wrap up the Klingon War plotline in the remaining episodes? Join us on Friday as we boldly go in search of answers to all these questions and more!

(If less than half of those sentences made any sense to you, a recap might be in order – but ware spoilers for the rest of the season!)

We’ll be watching the final seven episodes of season one, starting from episode nine. Our location is unfortunately TBA because the gears of university bureaucracy sometimes grind very slowly, so look out for an email confirming it later in the week. We’ll be starting around 5pm, with a dinner break around 7ish, and we will be offering FREE PIZZA for dinner again this week!

What else is on?

After nearly a month away (do you think they’ll still recognise us?) we return to the Ritz for Tomb Raider. We’ll be meeting around 6:15 for the 6:50pm session and having dinner afterwards. Our student members are eligible for $6 tickets – make sure to show your student card at the box office! You can find more informationhere.

Our next movie outing will be Pacific Rim Uprising on the 26th of March – find more information here.

Join us on Thursday for the first inter-club event of the year – GEEK Trivia! Come along and pit your wits against the best that Spocksoc, Docsoc, Vadersoc and the rest of the GEEK collective have to offer. Location is yet to be confirmed, so add the event to your calendar so you don’t miss an update!

Our April book club selection is Crossroads of Canopy by Thoraiya Dyer – check out the facebook event for more details, including locations you can buy the book and a sneak peek at our May nominations challenge (Old Favourites!)

As always, keep an eye on our facebook events page for details of upcoming screenings, outings and other events (MCU Marathon info is coming soon!)

We look forward to seeing you this week,


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