Semester 1, Week 12 – Solo Midnight Screening + Killjoys Season Three, Part One

Hi everyone,

This week we’re tangling with mercenaries, smugglers, bounty hunters, and all manner of snarky space-dwellers. Oh, and we’re also seeing Deadpool 2 and Solo.


On Friday, we’re returning to the wild world of the Quad (and filling the found-family-of-broken-sarcastic-misfits-in-SPACE -shaped hole that Infinity War left in our hearts) for season three of club favourite Killjoys!

When we last saw Dutch, Johnny, D’Avin and the rest of the RAC gang, they’d gotten tangled up in an almost hilariously unsuccessful revolution, allied with and subsequently been betrayed by one of the highest-ranked politicians in the Quad, and uncovered a secret invasion by the Hullen, a race of highly intelligent alien parasites, led by Dutch’s nigh-immortal evil double (distinguished from regular Dutch by the application of EvilTM black lipstick).

With Johnny off on a sidequest to help a friend (and be sad about the recent death of his beloved), it’s down to Dutch, D’Avin and their allies to face this new threat with nothing but their sass, stubbornness and Dutch’s as-always stunning wardrobe. I’m sure everything’s going to be just fine.

We’ll be starting from episode one of season three, kicking off around 5pm in Civil Engineering G1 with a dinner break around 7pm. As always, the facebook event can be found here for all your calendar-filling needs, and a recap of season two is here.

What else is on?
Our Monday movie outings return this week with an encore screening of Deadpool 2. We’ll be meeting at 6:15 for the 6:45 session – find out more on facebook.
And that’s not all! We’ve got more movie madness incoming when we team up with Vadersoc on Wednesday night for a midnight screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story! Our joint event is here, and next week’s Monday outing is here.
Our next book club meeting is next week! We’ll be discussing The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin and the 2018 Hugo Awards Best Novel shortlist – find out more about it here!
As always, keep an eye on our events page for more info about upcoming screenings, outings and more!
We look forward to seeing you this week,

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