Trivia Night

Date: Monday 11th May
Time: 5:30pm until 10:30 or so
Cost: $5 entry per person, plus $5 per half pizza for dinner
Location: TBA

Bring your brains, bring your friends, for a fun night of Sci-Fi and Fantasy trivia! Can you tell a self-sealing stem bolt from a flux capacitor? Can you idenfity the differences between a werewolf and an animagus? Do you know what you get when you multiply seven by nine? Come to the SpockSoc trivia night! Hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes.

I’ll send out the location later in the week. Apologies to anyone who can’t do Mondays, but it’s really the only option for me.

Mid-Session: Doctor Who & Torchwood

Yep, it’s mid-session break. Well, slightly-before-mid-session break, really. But you didn’t think SpockSoc took a break too, did you? Nooo.

This week, we’ll be showing the Easter Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead, followed by the second half of Torchwood season two. We’ll be picking up from where we left off at the last screening, but I don’t think you’ve missed too much by way of important plot points if you want to come anyway.

We start at 5pm in Goldstein G06, as ever. Since Doctor Who is slightly longer than normal, we might get a bit squished for time, so we’ll be starting as close to five as possible, so don’t be late. $5 per half pizza, with a free can of drink.

Hope to see you there,
el presidente

P.S. Keep sending me those Star Trek expressions of interest, and whether you think you can do a midnight screening. There’s only three weeks left until opening day. I’ll decide which screening we’ll be attending next week, and start collecting firm ticket numbers then.

Week 4: Sanctuary

SanctuaryA third of the way through the session already, whew!

This week at SpockSoc, we’re showing the TV series version of Sanctuary, the new series starring and produced by Amanda Tapping, who played Colonel Carter in Stargate. We showed the web series last year, but it has since been made into a proper TV series.

We’re in Goldstein G06 – same room as last week. Remember there’s a map on the website if you’ve forgotten where it is. Entry is free for members, and there’ll be a pizza run during the night – as ever, it’s $5 per half pizza plus a free drink.

Hope to see you at the screening!

Watchmen @ RITZ

Watchmen Poster
Watchmen Poster

O-Week is over, and session one is due to start. And what better way to kick things off than with a trip to the movies? Watchmen is coming out next week, and SpockSoc is going to arrange a trip to go and see it at the 9:15pm screening on Tuesday the 10th of March. Members will be able to get tickets for $5 each. Bargain!

The movie is three hours long, so if this is going to be a problem, then let me know. We’re going to meet up outside the cinema at 7:30 so we can go and have some dinner somewhere nearby if people so desire, then again at 9:00 so we can go in as a group, and so I can hand out tickets and collect money.

Currently I’ve got seventeen people coming. Remember: if you want to come, let me know before Sunday. It’s fine to bring friends and/or family too – just let me know the numbers.  (Send me an e-mail – select President from list.) Please RSVP by Sunday the 8th at the absolute latest.

For those who are new the area, here’s a map to the Ritz:

If that doesn’t work properly, the address is 39 St Paul’s Street, Randwick. That’s a block and a bit east of the Prince of Wales Hospital, which is itself just east of the uni. If you’re at uni already, your best bet is to walk up High Street until you hit Avoca, then angle right onto Belmore Road, and at the next right, angle further right onto Perouse Road. St Paul’s is left at the roundabout. You can also go up Barker Street (if you happen to be starting on that side of the campus) then left onto Perouse Road when you run out of Barker, then right at the next roundabout.

If you’re catching the bus from elsewhere, the 372, 373, 376, 314 and 315 routes all stop just around the corner. The 370 stops a little further away, but it doesn’t run after about 7pm or so. Parking is… limited, unless you know the sneaky tricks, or park about three or four blocks away.
As for screenings, based on comments and suggestions during O-Week, we’re making a couple of changes to the schedule, but we’ll definitely be starting in Week 1 with Mystery ScreeninG Atlantis season five. For those who missed it when we showed season four, I’ll give a brief recap at the screening. We’re still not sure which room we’ll be in, but rest assured we’ll definitely have a room by then, and I’ll let you know where it is closer to the date.

For those new to SpockSoc, all screenings are free for members. During the night, you’ll be able to order pizza – any type you like, within reason – and someone (usually me) will go up to Pizza Hut and get them. Pizza costs $5 per half, and you also get a can of drink.

Keep an eye here for the latest details. You can also find information on our website:

We also have a Yahoo! Groups mailing list, for discussion and the latest news in the word of Sci-Fi and Fantasy from our Chief of Staff. You’ll find that at:

As well as a Facebook group for finding other members, SpockSoc Group

Hope to see you at the screenings!

el presidente

Week Eleven

Week eleven, huh? Almost the end of the session. For this week’s SpockSoc, we have a bit of a choice.
Firstly, we have Quantum Leap, as advertised on the website.
Secondly, there’s a miniseries called Tin Man – it’s a new, more mature re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz.
Thirdly, we can watch an assortment of one-offs and movies – the current plan is the new versions of A for Andromeda, the Andromeda Strain, which should make for a full screening. =)

Regardless, we’re going to be in Goldstein G06 from 5pm. Possibly if the demand is great enough, I might appropriate a second room, and we can show two of the three options.

As ever, entry is free for members, and $2 otherwise – there’ll be a pizza run during the night, with $5 per half pizza.


I hope you all enjoyed your mid-session breaks, and the screening during the break.

This week at SpockSoc: Torchwood season two. Come see the second season of the Doctor Who spinoff. Even if you were disappointed by the first season, come along anyway – it got less stupid by the tenth episode or so, honest. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the end of the first season – I’ll attempt to give a brief recap before we start.

As usual, we’re on from 5pm in Goldstein G06 – entry is free for members, $2 otherwise. Pizza run during the night.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Logo

This Friday at SpockSoc: Red Dwarf!

Come and see the classic staple of British Sci-Fi comedy. Have any episodes you want to see? Bring them along – DVD, video or computer format, it doesn’t matter. We’ll be showing whatever episodes we happen to have on hand, and maybe possibly the first American and the Japanese pilot episodes.

As ever, screenings start in Goldstein G05 from 5pm – you’ll find a map on our website. Entry is free for members, or $2 otherwise, and there’ll be a pizza run during the night.

Hope to see you there,
el presidente

Title: Red Dwarf
Location: Goldstein G06
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2008-09-12
End Time: 23:00