Week 2: Trivia Night

Come along this Friday and test your knowledge of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Trivia! Over two hundred dollars’ worth of prizes to be won! Also, have fun! See our shiny ad in What’s On in this week’s Blitz – it’s shiny. =D

The trivia night starts at 5pm in the Drawing Room (which is upstairs in the Roundhouse) on this Friday the 30th. Doors will be open from 4pm. Entry is $5 each, and everyone is welcome – members and non-members, UNSW staff/students and… other people alike. We’ll also be getting pizza for dinner – $5 per half pizza of choice. We’re finishing at 9pm, cause that’s when they’ll come to boot us out of the room, but we’ve got a jam-packed night of trivia all planned.

Screenings will resume next week with Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal and new episodes of Futurama.

Trivia Night

Date: Monday 11th May
Time: 5:30pm until 10:30 or so
Cost: $5 entry per person, plus $5 per half pizza for dinner
Location: TBA

Bring your brains, bring your friends, for a fun night of Sci-Fi and Fantasy trivia! Can you tell a self-sealing stem bolt from a flux capacitor? Can you idenfity the differences between a werewolf and an animagus? Do you know what you get when you multiply seven by nine? Come to the SpockSoc trivia night! Hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes.

I’ll send out the location later in the week. Apologies to anyone who can’t do Mondays, but it’s really the only option for me.

The Middleman

Come join us for some fun new Sci Fi.

Due to popular demand following a trial screening of the first episode in week five, this week we’ll be showing a new series called The Middleman.

It’s a sci-fi/comedy series, and possibly the best way I’ve thought of to describe it is what would happen if Captain Jack and Gwen from Torchwood joined the Men in Black.
It stars Matt Keeslar as The Middleman, a real-life comic book hero who thinks Jughead is a hoot, loves a cool refreshing glass of milk, and whose greatest pet peeve is scientists who twist innocent primates with computer-enhanced mind control and live out their sick and perverted fantasies of criminal power.
Also stars Natalie Morales as Wendy Watson, aka Dub Dub, his incredulous wise-cracking sidekick.

Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales
Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales

Title: Screening: Middleman
Location: Goldstein G06
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2008-09-19
End Time: 23:00
Free for members; $2 for everyone else
$5 for half a pizza and drink.

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Logo

This Friday at SpockSoc: Red Dwarf!

Come and see the classic staple of British Sci-Fi comedy. Have any episodes you want to see? Bring them along – DVD, video or computer format, it doesn’t matter. We’ll be showing whatever episodes we happen to have on hand, and maybe possibly the first American and the Japanese pilot episodes.

As ever, screenings start in Goldstein G05 from 5pm – you’ll find a map on our website. Entry is free for members, or $2 otherwise, and there’ll be a pizza run during the night.

Hope to see you there,
el presidente

Title: Red Dwarf
Location: Goldstein G06
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2008-09-12
End Time: 23:00