Week 5 – Orphan Black Season 5 Part 1 & Defenders Season 1

Hi everyone,

This week, we’re going to hang out with Clone Club and save New York from Sigourney Weaver!


On Wednesday, join us for the beginning of the end of Clone Club with the fifth and final season of Orphan Black!

Last time we checked in, things weren’t looking great for Team Leda. With Rachel once again ascendant as the face of the new, improved Neolution and Sarah languishing in the snow with a knife in her leg, will our favourite clones survive the coming storm?

Come along to our Wednesday screening and find out! We’ll be watching the first five episodes of season five, starting from 5pm in Civil Engineering Room 109. You can find a recap here and our facebook event is here.


On Friday, the heroes of the Marvel Netflix-verse make like the Avengers and get all teamed up in the much anticipated premiere of The Defenders!

THRILL as our four heroes join forces to create the largest pool of terrible life choices known to mankind save New York!
GASP as Claire proves once again that she’s the only character with her shit together!
CHEER as all your favourite characters (and Danny) share a screen for the first time!
and TRY TO STAY AWAKE as Spocksoc daringly attempts to watch all eight episodes in just six hours!
Yes, that’s right – we’re actually going Full Binge-Watch and attempting to get through the entire eight-episode season in just one session, because sleep is for the weak. To that end, we’ll be starting right on the dot of 5pm and won’t be stopping for a dinner break, so make sure you’ve gotten caloried up beforehand.
The all-out crossover action starts at 5pm in CivEng G1 and will continue until we finish the season or collapse from exhaustion, whichever comes first. Facebook event is here.
What else is on?
Our Dark Tower outing has been cancelled due to lack of interest, so our next official movie outing won’t be for another month! But never fear – the Ritz is running all kinds of fun events in the meantime, from their Harry Potter marathon this weekend, to the Studio Ghibli festival and Lord of the Rings marathons in September, so there’s not much chance of the Ritz forgetting our faces anytime soon.
Speaking of special events, we have an official, not-going-to-be-changed-again, date and location for our AGM and Trivia Night! Date is Friday 5th October (Week 10 in new money) in Goldstein G09. The AGM is at 5, trivia starts around 6, and it would be really awesome if you could all come to both. We have a facebook event here and more details will be forthcoming.
The book-loving denizens of the club have spoken – our September book is the stunning graphic novel Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. I am super excited to discuss this with all of you, so make sure you grab a  copy and come by our next meeting on September 13th – more details here.
And don’t forget to keep an eye on our events page for details of upcoming screenings, movie outings and more!
We look forward to seeing you this week,

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