Semester 2, Week 7 – Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Part 2 & The Flash Season 3 Part 3

Hi everyone,

This week, our DC TV binge continues with a double dose of superhero action!
On Wednesday we’re once again hurtling through time with the Legends of Tomorrow, this year’s surprising top contender for Most Improved DC Show.
Picking up where we left off after last semester’s massive crossover, our favourite ragtag gang of misfit heroes legends are facing off against the Legion of Doom, aka three of the hammiest most persistent leftover popular villains from across the Arrowverse: Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and the Reverse-Flash. Meanwhile, Martin Stein has managed to accidentally retcon himself a daughter, which will definitely not have consequences, and the revised team roster actually seems to be working out fairly well. Who knew?
Will they manage to defeat the Legion without irreparably screwing with time? (probably not) Will the writers ever stop low-key cribbing fromDoctor Who? (probably not, and honestly who can blame them) Will the team continue to thrive under Sara Lance’s leadership? (actually, the odds are pretty good on this one…)
Join us on Wednesday as we watch the next five episodes of season two, starting with episode eight. The fun starts at 5pm in CivEng Room 109, aiming to finish around 9pm. The facebook event is here.
The DC fun continues on Friday with this year’s final screening of The Flash!
In our concluding session of season three, we’ll finally discover the secrets of Savitar, find out if Barry and Iris will ever work out their relationship difficulties (granted, “I’m going to die in less than two months” is a pretty big difficulty), and more importantly, indulge ourselves with a crossover musical episode extravaganza/stealth Glee reunion! Featuring the uber-talented Darren Criss as the Music Meister and guest starring some of our favourite Supergirl characters (and Mon-El), it’s a friendly reminder that a hilariously large percentage of the supporting cast have serious Broadway chops even if they’re going to be hideously underused *insert musical theatre fan grumbling*.
We’ll be watching the final seven episodes of season three, starting with episode sixteen (which is the musical one, if anyone’s specifically looking to watch/avoid it). As always, we’re kicking off around 5pm in CivEng G1, with a dinner break around 7ish if we feel like it. Facebook event is here.
What else is on?
We’re having a bit of an unofficial non-sci-fi movie outing to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard tonight, but make sure to keep an eye on our event pagefor other upcoming screenings, book club meetings, outings and more!
Our next book club meeting approaches! Join us next week when we discuss the graphic novel Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, along with anything else we’ve been reading! Details are here.
You guys, the AGM and Trivia Night is officially one month away! I am so excited! I hope you’re excited too! This paragraph has way too many exclamation marks and is starting to look a little crazy!
Seriously though, this is both our most important and our most fun event of the year. The Annual General Meeting is not only a requirement that allows us to keep running as an Arc-sanctioned club, it’s also a chance for YOU, our members, to face the Shadow Council and have your say about how the club is run. We’ll be electing a new exec, so if you’re both a current UNSW student and keen to get involved in the nitty-gritty details of keeping the club running, you should definitely come along and nominate yourself.
Then, once we’ve gotten all that out of the way, it’s nerd against nerd in a battle for SpockSoc Trivia Supremacy! (Basically a super-fun quiz about shows and movies we’ve seen this year, accompanied by a lot of excitable shouting about how the judges are being too pedantic/not pedantic enough. We have fun).

The AGM and Trivia Night will take place on Friday 5th of October starting from 5pm in Goldstein Room G09. We’d love it if all of your could make it – even if you haven’t been able to come to our events this year. Keep an eye on the event above for move information as things develop!

We look forward to seeing you this week,


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