Week 2: Battlestar Galactica

SciFi promo of Battlestar Galactica
SciFi promo of Battlestar Galactica

This week at SpockSoc, we’re watching Battlestar Galactica, the second half of the fourth (and final) season. We’ll only be able to watch as many episodes as we can fit, so expect another screening later on to finish it off. We’re going to be in Hut D10 again, starting at 5pm. Pizza run during the night as usual, $5 per half pizza, with a free drink.

For those who aren’t quite up-to-date with BSG, I’ll give a brief recap before we start, but as last year’s SpockSoc members (like all of America) have been waiting the better part of nine months to see the second half of the season, we won’t be re-screening the first half, sorry.

Week 1: Mystery ScreeninG A

Hey all!

I hope everyone who saw Watchmen enjoyed it more than I did. =)

Anyway, tomorrow night is our first screening for the year – Mystery ScreeninG A season five, as many episodes as we can fit. For those who haven’t seen our season four screenings, I’ll attempt a brief recap. It’ll start at 5pm. Pizza run during the night.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to get a room booking – it’s looking like this may wind up being a last-second announcement (no thanks to CATS) but rest assured that the screening will certainly take place, even if I have to have it at my house. I will e-mail the location before SpockSoc starts, and for those who won’t be able to access their e-mail, I’ll put a sign up next to the second-hand textbooks noticeboard in the Quad.

See Update below for Room Details

Last year’s members, don’t forget to re-sign up at a screening. Your $5 membership fee is only good for one year, after all. =D

el presidente


Sorry it seems to disorganised – this will go much smoother next week, honest. We have a room – many thanks to the Gameplayers, who are lending us one of theirs. So this week we’ll be in Hut D10.

For those new to uni, welcome to the clever world of UNSW’s building numbers. See, they’re grid references. If you look at any UNSW map you’ll notice it’s divided into grid squares, with the numbers running west to east, starting from Anzac Parade, and the letters running south to north, starting from High Street. So if (for example) you find yourself outside the Red Centre, you’ll notice on the big blue sign that it has grid reference H13. To get to D10, then, you simply need to walk south-west, or towards Anzac Parade and High Street. For those who prefer landmarks, it’s near the Anzac Parade end of the big construction site on High Street, next door to the Io Myers theatre.

The room doors are on the Anzac Parade side of the building – we’ll have our banner outside.

Watchmen @ RITZ

Watchmen Poster
Watchmen Poster

O-Week is over, and session one is due to start. And what better way to kick things off than with a trip to the movies? Watchmen is coming out next week, and SpockSoc is going to arrange a trip to go and see it at the 9:15pm screening on Tuesday the 10th of March. Members will be able to get tickets for $5 each. Bargain!

The movie is three hours long, so if this is going to be a problem, then let me know. We’re going to meet up outside the cinema at 7:30 so we can go and have some dinner somewhere nearby if people so desire, then again at 9:00 so we can go in as a group, and so I can hand out tickets and collect money.

Currently I’ve got seventeen people coming. Remember: if you want to come, let me know before Sunday. It’s fine to bring friends and/or family too – just let me know the numbers.  (Send me an e-mail – select President from list.) Please RSVP by Sunday the 8th at the absolute latest.

For those who are new the area, here’s a map to the Ritz:


If that doesn’t work properly, the address is 39 St Paul’s Street, Randwick. That’s a block and a bit east of the Prince of Wales Hospital, which is itself just east of the uni. If you’re at uni already, your best bet is to walk up High Street until you hit Avoca, then angle right onto Belmore Road, and at the next right, angle further right onto Perouse Road. St Paul’s is left at the roundabout. You can also go up Barker Street (if you happen to be starting on that side of the campus) then left onto Perouse Road when you run out of Barker, then right at the next roundabout.

If you’re catching the bus from elsewhere, the 372, 373, 376, 314 and 315 routes all stop just around the corner. The 370 stops a little further away, but it doesn’t run after about 7pm or so. Parking is… limited, unless you know the sneaky tricks, or park about three or four blocks away.
As for screenings, based on comments and suggestions during O-Week, we’re making a couple of changes to the schedule, but we’ll definitely be starting in Week 1 with Mystery ScreeninG Atlantis season five. For those who missed it when we showed season four, I’ll give a brief recap at the screening. We’re still not sure which room we’ll be in, but rest assured we’ll definitely have a room by then, and I’ll let you know where it is closer to the date.

For those new to SpockSoc, all screenings are free for members. During the night, you’ll be able to order pizza – any type you like, within reason – and someone (usually me) will go up to Pizza Hut and get them. Pizza costs $5 per half, and you also get a can of drink.

Keep an eye here for the latest details. You can also find information on our website:


We also have a Yahoo! Groups mailing list, for discussion and the latest news in the word of Sci-Fi and Fantasy from our Chief of Staff. You’ll find that at:


As well as a Facebook group for finding other members, SpockSoc Group

Hope to see you at the screenings!

el presidente

The Day the Earth Stood Still


Some Spocksoc members will be going to see The Day the Earth Stood Still at the Ritz cinema on Wednesday 7th of January.

It’s been decided we’ll go and see the movie at 9:30pm at the Ritz tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th). Considering the short notice, I’m not going to try to collect numbers before the event, so just turn up and get your own ticket when you arrive. I’m going to try loitering in the lobby outside cinema 1 from about quarter past, so we can gather there. If you come and find me, SpockSoc will give you a $2 reimbursement on your ticket as part of our membership benefits.

Hope to see you there!

el presidente

Any members are welcome to join the group.

What: Movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Where: Ritz Cinema Randwick
When: Movie starts at 9:30pm meet up around 9:00-9:15pm
Cost: Tickets can be purchased from Box Office, Adult $11.00, Student $9.50

Mystery Screening

Week twelve at last, eh? In the infinite wisdom of Upper Management, that makes this week the last week of session. Aww. To make it all up to you, this week we’re having a Mystery Screening.

As usual for SpockSoc, the screening will kick off from 5pm in Goldstein G06. Entry is free for members, and $2 otherwise.

Due to it being in the middle of Stuvac, we’ve decided not to have a screening on Halloween, but keep an ear out for possible screenings, marathons and movie trips during the summer break. Hope to see you all again next year. We’ll be running a stall at O-Week all week, so feel free to drop in for a visit.

Week Eleven

Week eleven, huh? Almost the end of the session. For this week’s SpockSoc, we have a bit of a choice.
Firstly, we have Quantum Leap, as advertised on the website.
Secondly, there’s a miniseries called Tin Man – it’s a new, more mature re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz.
Thirdly, we can watch an assortment of one-offs and movies – the current plan is the new versions of A for Andromeda, the Andromeda Strain, which should make for a full screening. =)

Regardless, we’re going to be in Goldstein G06 from 5pm. Possibly if the demand is great enough, I might appropriate a second room, and we can show two of the three options.

As ever, entry is free for members, and $2 otherwise – there’ll be a pizza run during the night, with $5 per half pizza.


I hope you all enjoyed your mid-session breaks, and the screening during the break.

This week at SpockSoc: Torchwood season two. Come see the second season of the Doctor Who spinoff. Even if you were disappointed by the first season, come along anyway – it got less stupid by the tenth episode or so, honest. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the end of the first season – I’ll attempt to give a brief recap before we start.

As usual, we’re on from 5pm in Goldstein G06 – entry is free for members, $2 otherwise. Pizza run during the night.

SciFi Movies

Hi All and Welcome to the SpockSoc Movie free for all.

This Friday we are having a Sci Fi (and possibly some fantasy) movie night. Please bring your favourite Sci-Fi movies, old and new, VCR or DVD.

We will be taking a vote on the night and we will watch the winners. Hopefully we can get a wide selection and range of movies to fit everyone’s taste.

There will be a pizza run during the night, the usual $5 for half a pizza and drink.

Date: Friday, 3/10/08
Time: 5pm – 11pm
Location: Goldstein G06, UNSW


This week at SpockSoc, we’ll be showing Eureka season three.

For those not familiar with the show, Eureka is a town in America where the government has gathered the country’s best scientists to develop shiny new technology. That said, as ever when lots of scientists get together in American shows, things start to go wrong with very fabric of space/time on a regular basis. Enter Sherrif Jack Carter, the average-joe former federal marshall who got recruited to be the town’s police chief.

It’s quite a funny series, and I suggest you come along, even if you haven’t seen the first two seasons – while there is a bit of a story arc, it should be reasonably easy to pick up.

As ever, we’ll be in Goldstein G06, starting at 5pm. Pizza run during the night. Entry free for members, $2 otherwise.

The Middleman

Come join us for some fun new Sci Fi.

Due to popular demand following a trial screening of the first episode in week five, this week we’ll be showing a new series called The Middleman.

It’s a sci-fi/comedy series, and possibly the best way I’ve thought of to describe it is what would happen if Captain Jack and Gwen from Torchwood joined the Men in Black.
It stars Matt Keeslar as The Middleman, a real-life comic book hero who thinks Jughead is a hoot, loves a cool refreshing glass of milk, and whose greatest pet peeve is scientists who twist innocent primates with computer-enhanced mind control and live out their sick and perverted fantasies of criminal power.
Also stars Natalie Morales as Wendy Watson, aka Dub Dub, his incredulous wise-cracking sidekick.

Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales
Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales

Title: Screening: Middleman
Location: Goldstein G06
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2008-09-19
End Time: 23:00
Free for members; $2 for everyone else
$5 for half a pizza and drink.